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Interior design- color - combinations- construction tips
A reserach based on the interiors in the industrial and commercial places shows that the color combinations in the interior designng and construction improve the productivity of the employees in the organisation. Color combinations are one of the major cause for the mood change and some colors are the cause for a concentrated work atmosphere. Sometimes bad colour choices distract the workers and become a cause for the work mal functioning in the industries and the commercial complexes.

Some Colour Tips for the Interiors

In fact, the tones of a colour can have a greater influence on decor than the basic colour, making a room appear larger or smaller, brighter or duller. This may seem confusing, but by following a few guidelines you can incorporate a variety of tones in your decorating scheme to achieve very precise effects. First, make a list of factors to consider, such as the dimensions of the room to be decorated. If the room is small, using pale tones will make it appear more spacious; if it is large, dark tones will create a feeling of warmth and intimacy. If you have a sunless room, you may wish to enliven it with light tones, while a sunny room can tolerate a range of darker tones. Consider, too, the major items of furniture, and the carpeting and curtains, that the decor must complement.

If you already possess a dark-coloured suite of furniture and want to create a bright, spacious atmosphere in your living room, consider light tones for the rest of the decor. If, however, you have pale carpeting, the room will appear warmer with the addition of deep-toned, rich- coloured furn ish i ngs. a Below The uranu tones of this shade of pinl: create all intimate atmosphere, ideal for a bedroom, About closing the room ill to atry significant degree. Right The pale muted tones ill this bathroom provide the perfect atmo- sphere for long, luxurious bathtimes. Pale tones also maximize the impact of any available natural light, 12 Orie drawback to choosing a completely white decor is that it can make a room appear rather cold and clinical. To offset this, include a few touches of warm tones and textured surfaces. White Decorating in white has many advantages.

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